I am late to bandwagons. This seems to be a chronic problem of mine. I didn’t join Facebook until I had a plethora of friends encouraging me to join, a couple years ago. I didn’t join twitter until I was harassed by my fellow game development peers at a panel talk in front of a sizeable audience at GDC last March. And, I didn’t join LinkedIn until well, last week. For some reason, my grasp of online social media seems to lag at least a few years behind the times placing me solidly in the last century.

Okay, perhaps not THAT far back in the last century. However, I’m trying to amend my bad habits and catch up. I’ve had starting a blog on my list of things to do for probably the last five years or so but for one reason or another I’ve failed most likely due to the fact that I’m an expert procrastinator and easily distracted by shiny objects. BUT! Today I level up and beat back the procrastination at least a tiny smidgen of a bit.

So I can only hope that you enjoy the posts or tolerate them at the very least. And if your feelings don’t quite fall in that spectrum then there’s not a whole lot I can do about that I suppose. Lots more to come, theoretically, stay tuned.

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